Ways Mobile Laboratory Services Accelerated Laboratory Testing

medical professional holding a tube Mobile laboratories gave way to easy healthcare. People with needs usually have to give effort in finding a laboratory. Institutions are now considering alternative methods to bring their services to them. Enabling such services will boost the trust of healthcare providers. Why? Times have changed. The traditional way of getting a checkup is no longer possible. Each system is adjusting to the new challenges they are facing. The same goes for laboratories. As the pandemic impacted the healthcare industry, many hospitals are trying to find ways to recuperate from the stress.  This article gives insight into how mobile laboratory testing accelerated the idea of logistical healthcare. See more to see why this is the kind of service that should not be taken for granted.   

Portability of healthcare

The vehicle carries the same equipment used in a clinical setup in a mobile lab. Transportation costs of tests will be cheaper, and the sample can be delivered right away. There’s no need to wait for a certain amount of time before it can be used. For the medical team, it’s a big deal since they are always fully booked. This is due to the fact that they already have prepared the tools needed for the test. So you only need to set up an appointment and let them bring the services to you. It’s a win-win situation!  

Low chance of contamination

Another reason how mobile laboratories spur more testing is they can control their surroundings. In addition, with their background, they apply health standards to avoid contamination.  Plus, you only need to meet with them on your own. Phleetbo enables door-to-door blood testing. So you won’t have to worry about ending up in a crowded place where there is a more likely chance of infection. You’ll never know who you might run into who has an underlying condition.   

Less hazardous medical waste

Medical waste is one of the things that are contained. With mobile labs, having less waste means less harm to the environment. Unfortunately, this type of waste, in particular, is slowly creeping in. Medics are doing their best to produce as few as possible. You don’t want to end up having infections.  All testings go through a sanitation process. Once the test is done, it will be disinfected by the medics for further testing until it goes back to the patient. After use, wastes are disposed of according to their classification.  

Safety of the people

People want to have good health. On the other hand, the mobile lab does the same. With their care, everyone will receive their needs. Safety is the number one priority. Professionals already train each lab. It ensures that the quality of service remains trustworthy to all incoming patients. 


These services are innovating the way we see healthcare. Having better accessibility enables more tests to be done. In turn, people’s well-being will be maintained. This can become a requirement for future healthcare providers when the time comes. Better yet, all institutions should provide many opportunities.   Currently on the lookout for on-demand lab services?

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