Top Benefits of Using On-Demand Mobile Laboratory Services

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Healthcare access should always be available, no matter where you go. It can be for a simple checkup or a short health test.

These days, institutions are innovating ways to bring laboratory services to the nearest household. Studies have shown that delaying such healthcare needs can increase the risk of ill patients especially those with comorbidities. Healthcare is a right, and people need them all the time. Bringing essential laboratory tests without the need of going out will relieve a lot of burdens. In this article, here are the top benefits of using mobile laboratory services. Read on to learn about phlebotomy, also known as blood testing, and how it works too.   

Flexible scheduling and savings in medical costs

Lab tests can cost a lot especially when the test involves blood. For phlebotomists, they are the ones in charge of handling them. Normally they have to stay put in their department within a strict schedule. This can be tricky for the patient who wanted to get a test but cannot get an appointment by their own means. The great aspect about mobile laboratories is that they are available at any given time. And since the test does not take place in the hospital, the money saved is felt by both medical professionals and patients. Maintenance costs won’t be a problem as well because they are equipped with the same tools they use for testing.    

Ease of convenience

On the side of the patient, one can call a phlebotomist a kilometer away. With the technology available, the appointment can be done online or by phone whichever is better. If one’s schedule is conflicting with theirs, they can adjust to the patient’s need so the service will still be given as promised.  Unlike when the test takes place in the actual lab, not everyone is capable of going there. This can be due to the location of the patient. Logistics will not be difficult for them as established.   

Fast results

Blood tests take time. The shortest ones are typically 5 to 10 minutes when you are at the lab itself. But if your own blood is experiencing certain conditions, it will take longer than a week. With the availability of mobile lab services, the waiting time will be cut. This can be favorable to patients who want to know what kind of sickness one has as early as possible. When given, the phlebotomist can give advice to other departments to treat the patient with the fast availability of information.   

Excellent service

What the medical professionals did in their own fields will also apply outside of the institution. They do simply their job: caring for the person’s well-being. Services will not be compromised as they always find ways to promote good health. Mobile lab services do the exact same as one would work in the hospital, only on the go. One such service that offers this is Phleetbo.


In short, mobile laboratory services bring healthcare to you. Most of the essential services done can be done in a convenient way without sacrificing money, time, and effort. For the professionals, they are able to fulfill their duties as well as help people in the process. 


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