The Role of Phlebotomists During The Pandemic

Specialist researcher doctor analyzing blood sample using medical microscope The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way the world works, with lasting impacts that experts expect to affect people’s lives even after it’s gone. It severely affected numerous industries, but it was healthcare that took the heaviest toll. Healthcare institutions worldwide were dramatically impacted by the pandemic, requiring them to restructure and redefine their practices in several ways. The phrase “all hands on deck” was the mandate for most hospitals worldwide during the pandemic. Everyone that could help was enlisted to provide essential medical care, while others were at the frontline fighting COVID-19. One of the practitioners needed to perform their duties well were phlebotomists, trained professionals that perform blood drawings to take blood samples from people. They are considered the unsung heroes who played an essential role in the fight against this pandemic. Learn more about them and the job they are doing amidst the pandemic.  

Aiding patients in need of proper healthcare

Phlebotomy is an essential medical procedure that helps patients learn about their medical conditions and get proper treatment. It’s an important tool used to diagnose many medical conditions and sometimes used to treat them. Typically, phlebotomy is performed in healthcare facilities, but laboratories and lab personnel had to adjust since personal contact must be limited during the pandemic. At the pandemic’s height, phlebotomists shifted to mobile phlebotomy to perform blood draws and other diagnostic tests outside hospital premises. Phlebotomists took the procedure to patients to reduce the risk of increased COVID-19 infection. They made “house calls” to patients who needed to have their blood samples taken. With this shift, they were able to help many people who had existing medical conditions get the right treatment and those who didn’t know what condition they were in during the pandemic. Mobile phlebotomy helped many patients in tight spots amidst quarantine get the medical attention they needed.  

Helping frontline medical workers

Medical workers at the frontline felt the blow of the pandemic firsthand. They were the first to respond whenever suspected cases were brought to the hospital and attended to the confined COVID-19 patients throughout their treatment. However, they were outnumbered in many places, especially when cases were surging and hospitals were getting crowded.  As with any viral infection, testing is essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Since we’re in a pandemic, mass testing is the best way to find more infected people. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming number of COVID-19 patients, numerous hospitals lacked the medical staff to cover mass testing, so they resorted to enlisting more medical practitioners, including phlebotomists, to assist inpatient and outpatient COVID-19 testing. Phlebotomists also helped collect COVID-19 antibody tests, which helped in finding treatment for COVID-19 patients. The assistance that they continue to provide on the frontline is a valuable contribution toward reaching the goal of ending this pandemic. Laboratory professionals such as phlebotomists answered the call and served to help in the fight against the pandemic to help people get the right treatment for their medical conditions. Let us acknowledge the hard work and sacrifice they are making because they deserve to be appreciated for what they have done.   Need to schedule a blood draw with our phlebotomists?

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