We are here to make your laboratory experience as seamless and pleasant as possible.

Whether you are looking forward to getting your blood drawn (yeah right), worried you might pass out at the sight of a needle, our somewhere in between, our phlebotomists know that everyone is different and we will take the time needed and the necessary steps to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed as possible. You can be at ease in your own comfortable space and knowing your in the hands of an experienced and skilled phlebotomist.

A blood draw should not be a painful situation, but you may experience some brief discomfort. Regardless of whether having your blood drawn is not a big deal or a major issue for you, preparation for your blood draw can make a big difference and make the process much easier for both yourself and your phlebotomist. Here are some great prep tips and appointment insights to help your visit and blood draw run smoothly.

Phleetbo Appointment Details & Notifications

Who, What, When, and Where

All your specific appointment confirmation details have been sent to the email address that was provided in the ordering process. This will include the patient name, the type of service that was ordered, the appointment date, service time window, and the address where the technician will draw the lab order and/or pick up the prepared specimens.

Reminder Notifications

An appointment reminder email will be sent 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time (if applicable). A reminder text message and email will be send 1 hour before the scheduled window of service.

Appointment Window of Service

Phleetbo Standard & Express Service options are scheduled as a 2 HOUR appointment window. Your requested start time was selected during your ordering process and the patient should be prepared for the duration of the 2 hours following.
Phleetbo Priority Services options are scheduled for exact time of day and we recommend the patient be prepared 10 minutes prior. Your Phleetbo technician should be on time or no later than 15 minutes past the scheduled appointment time.

Real Time Notifications

Technician In Route
The moment your Phleetbo technician is in route to your requested location, a text message and email will be sent to the contact information provided. Within this text and email you will be provided with a link to the Phleetbo Live Tracking Portal for a birds-eye-view of your technician to know exactly when to expect arrival. In addition, the Live Tracking Portal allows two way messaging communication directly with your mobile technician. This comes in handy to communicate any last minute appointment updates and arrival details.

Technician Arrival
Another notification is sent as soon as your technician arrives to the service address. Maybe you need a few more minutes to get to the door or need to secure your pets, this notification allows you to communicate so there are no surprises.

Closing Notification & Service Review
A final notification at the end of service will be sent with an appointment summary and an option to review your service and rate your experience​ with Phleetbo. It’s our company goal to continue to grow and serve at the highest level of quality care possible. We would appreciate any feedback you can provide in order to continue to provide excellent service.

Official ordering documents / requisition

If you haven’t uploaded your ordering documents be sure and do that now here. Orders can be confusing, and sometimes illegible so its best if we review the order and clarify your specific needs before our technician arrives. If your having trouble you can give us a call at 866-228-8195.

Clear some space to work

Although our experienced phlebotomist are capable of drawing blood in the most demanding of situations, to make things much easier, we suggest to put some thought into where it would be most comfortable for you with some accessible space for your phlebotomist to work.

If the kitchen table is your decided work area make sure there is adequate table space to set up the supplies and stretch out your arms. If you know your recliner is going to be the most relaxing location for your draw, it would be good to think about a side table or an additional chair for your phlebotomist to work at your level. No matter where it is you need your blood drawn, your Phleetbo phlebotomist is more than capable, but some thought and preparation when possible will aid in a successful draw.

Can I stay in bed?

Yes, of course! This is why we come to you. Whatever your situation is Phleetbo will accommodate your needs. All we ask is for you to stay relaxed and comfortable, that is most important.

Who is Coming To Draw My Blood?

Your Phleetbo Phlebotomist is highly qualified & certified!

When you receive your “In Route” notification it will include the name of your phlebotomist. Feel free to communicate any questions and concerns you may have about your blood draw. Get comfortable with your technician and have a chat! This will relieve some stress and get both of you acquainted which helps the overall process of drawing your blood.

We understand how stressful and inconvenient a blood draw can be so we strive to deliver a higher quality of care. Communication skills and compassion are essential to our level of service and patient satisfaction. We carefully review each field technician based on multiple points of competency, state certification, compliance and expertise.

Can I request a specific phlebotomist?

Because of the logistics of our service platform and the availability of our technicians, we cannot take requests for a specific phlebotomist. However our technicians are area based and the chances you might see a familiar face is good! We are confident all of our mobile phlebotomist will provide outstanding service.

Whether we’ve exceeded your expectations, or completely unsatisfied with your phlebotomist or services please feel free to note this in your appointment review or call us anytime directly at 866-228-8195. We will be sure to make things right.

How Should I Prepare For My Blood Draw?

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!

Get a head start on hydration. Drink extra water the evening before and the day of your blood draw to ensure you’re properly hydrated for your blood draw.

Drinking water not only makes you feel better if you’re fasting, it will also make for a smoother blood draw. Blood is about 50 percent water, so the more water you drink, the plumper your veins become and the easier it is for the phlebotomist to locate your veins and draw your blood.

Urine tests are frequently ordered along with blood tests, and the fuller your bladder, the easier it will be for you to provide a sample.

Are you Fasting?

Fasting for a blood test typically means avoiding all food and beverages (except for water) for 8 to 12 hours prior to the blood draw. Be sure to ask your physician exactly what they require for your specific blood test. Drink plenty of water and take your medications as usual.

Get Comfy!!!

We know just how stressful a blood draw can be, that’s why we come to you! What better place to breathe deep and relax than your own comfy couch. Not only do we encourage you to physically prepare for a blood draw, be also recommend to mentally prepare for your visit.

Choose your most comfortable place in your home. Play some calming music or maybe enjoy some relaxing tea (if your not fasting of course). Take some time and wind down before your appointment. Stress and tension can make your blood pressure spike temporarily, which narrows your blood vessels, according to the Mayo Clinic. This can make it harder for the phlebotomist to find your veins and draw blood.

Strike up a conversation!

Get to know your technician, don’t be shy, ask questions or concerns you may have about your blood draw. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can calm down and build trust with some kind and simple conversation. Who doesn’t love a good story?

Ok, I'm Ready! What Should I Do During My Blood Draw?

What should I do, or NOT do during the blood draw?

Staying still! It seems obvious, but it’s always good to remind yourself. You just may be getting to the best part of your story that involves talking with your hands. Don’t do it! Avoid changing position too quickly. And be sure to stay seated for a few minutes when the draw is complete.

Don’t watch!

Unless watching blood leave your body is fun for you, go ahead and enjoy the butterfly passing through your window. Watching the needle drawing your blood might cause something called vasovagal syncope. Basically, your system overreacts to catching such an unusual sight that your heart rate and blood pressure drop suddenly, reducing the amount of blood flow to your brain and ultimately causing you to pass out, according to the Mayo Clinic. YIKES!!! You can make this all way less likely if you just distract yourself.

Remember to breathe!

You may be tempted to hold your breath and brace for the needle’s pinch, but restricting the flow of oxygen can lead to even more anxiety. Try taking deep belly breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth and maybe even count your breaths to help direct your focus away to your happy place.

Just relax…

I know, much easier said than done, but this is why we do what we do. Coming to you makes all the difference. Being in your comfort zone and not having to deal with the obstacles of a laboratory setting will dramatically reduce the stresses of your blood draw.

After Your Completed Blood Draw

Feeling light headed after your blood draw?

A few people may feel faint after a blood draw, this can include feeling light-headed, dizzy, hot, sweaty, or nauseous. Even though a blood draw can be an unpleasant experience, it’s nothing to be worried about. Remember to stay right where your at after your blood draw until your confident your ready to move around. And if you need another minute, continue to breathe deep and just take your time, even the toughest of us may need a few minutes to regroup.

I think I’m bruising

After a blood draw is completed, your phlebotomist will apply pressure against the puncture site Applying pressure directly following a blood draw reduces the side effect of bruising.
Even with precautions, minor bruising and swelling around the puncture site is normal. Because every person’s veins are different, and veins move frequently, bruising can occur even with the most experienced phlebotomists. If you do bruise, it should go away within a few days.

How long do I leave on the dressing?

We recommend to leave on the puncture dressing for a minimum of 30 mins. If it’s not bothering you, just leave it on for the rest of the day.
Clotting can happen very quickly and some people may not even bleed at all. Medication and room temperature can play a factor in how quickly you stop bleeding, if at all. So its best practice to leave on the dressing and avoid restrictive clothing and any strenuous use the arm for the remainder of the day.

Oh no, I'm bleeding!

If you decide to remove the dressing and bleeding occurs for any reason, apply firm pressure with your fingers directly over the needle site and elevate the arm until bleeding stops. If you have discomfort or swelling of the arm, elevate your arm and place ice over the site for 10 minutes. Let the arm return to normal temperature and re-apply ice for another 10 minutes.
Rest the arm as much as possible!

Feeling tired after your blood draw?

Even if you don’t feel light-headed or faint, venipuncture can still be a draining experience and you may feel tired afterwards. In most cases, this will pass gradually, but be sure to seek medical advice if your fatigue does not improve or worsens over the following few hours.

What About My Laboratory Results?

I haven’t received my results!

We love what we do! Providing great mobile service is a priority for Phleetbo, but when it comes to results, it’s just out of our control.

You see, once we deliver your blood specimens to the laboratory we have no control how fast your blood work is processed and where the results will be sent. Phleetbo is actually restricted from knowing any details of your blood results. This is to protect your privacy. According to HIPAA guidelines, the laboratory is not allowed to share your results with anyone other than your ordering physician.

So where are my results?

Your physician has specified the preferred laboratory to process your order. Your Phleetbo mobile technician delivers according to the same requisition followed to draw your blood tests. Typically, your physician or office staff will login to a laboratory account portal to acquire and review your lab results. In other cases the results may be faxed directly to your physician's office. In any case, Phleetbo is not involved with this process or responsible for acquiring or expediting your results.

You can either follow up directly with the specified laboratory that your blood specimens we delivered to (Quest Diagnostics, Labcorp, West Pacific Medical Lab, etc.) or contact your physicians office to make sure they have received the results in question.

How quickly will be results be available?

Typically, results are processed and made available within 24-48 hours of drop off but can take longer depending on the specific testing involved.
As soon as your results are in, they will be made available to your ordering physician according to their account access with the specified laboratory.

Where did my blood specimens get delivered?

If you just can’t remember what laboratory your blood was to be delivered you can contact your physician's office to find out their preferred laboratory, or your welcome to call us, we do retain delivery locations for our service records.

I hope this information helps! We are striving to make your laboratory experience as pleasant as possible. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about the process.

Phleetbo: 866-228-8195

Can I Reschedule Or Cancel My Appointment?

Something came up! I need to reschedule.

No Problem. We understand life is unpredictable and you may need to reschedule or maybe even cancel your Phleetbo mobile blood draw appointment. Your blood work is very important, so give us a call before you decide to cancel. We are here to assist and accommodate our customers. Let us know what we can do to keep your blood work on schedule.

If you absolutely need to reschedule or cancel, check your appointment confirmation email for instructions, or contact us as soon as possible to avoid any charges for your appointment. For our full cancellation policy click here.

Phleetbo: 866-228-8195