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Oh no, your child needs a blood draw!

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Pediatric Phlebotomy / Children's Blood Draw

Any medical test can be stressful for a child, especially when it involves a needle. The comfort of home is obviously the best environment for a calm and successful pediatric blood draw. That’s why Phleetbo is a great alternative to the traditional laboratory setting.

Here are some helpful tips to help you prepare, and your little one stay calm and confident about their blood draw.

Communication & Expectations: Talk about feelings and practice calming breathing techniques. Reassure your child that the process will be quick, the pain won’t last, and you’ll stay close. After the draw, offer praise and comfort.

Offer A Distraction: Help get your child’s mind—and eyes—off the procedure. Offer a distraction to keep him or her from staring at the needle. Because Phleetbo comes to your home, it’s easy to find a familiar distraction.

Schedule Wisely: Schedule the blood draw at a time when your child is less likely to be tired or hungry. If the draw is fasting be sure to schedule first thing in the morning, and have a rewarding snack ready.

Hydrate: Unless instructed by his or her doctor, encourage your child to drink plenty of water before the blood draw. Water hydrates veins, which can make a blood draw much easier.

You can’t guarantee the experience will be totally pain free for your child but these helpful tips will help increase the likelihood of a much better experience than a traditional laboratory visit.

Have any questions about your child's blood draw? Don't hesitate to call, we'd love to hear how we can help.


Stay where it matters most, Let Phleetbo come to you! Ready to schedule your pediatric blood draw?

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