Provide Autologous Serum Eye Drops for Your Patients

As an ophthalmology practice or vision center, you need a reliable, convenient way to provide patients with autologous serum eye drops (ASEDs). Phleetbo has simplified this process and now offers “serum tears” prescriptions ready for use in a day. It’s efficient and cost-effective, providing your patients with a reliable prescription of long-lasting relief for dry eye syndrome.

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The Patient Experience: Simple and Onsite

Today’s patient wants easy access to quality eye care. With Phleetbo, your new or long-time patient experiences a positive and pleasant interaction, starting with easy scheduling, caring customer service people, and experienced phlebotomists that will come to their home or office. 

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Delivering a higher quality of service and care

The Provider Experience: Quality and Process You Can Trust

If you have patients with dry eye disorders and post-surgery recovery situations, ASEDs can be the effective solution they’re looking for. With Phleetbo as an extension of your practice, your patients will have access to quality care without the wait.

Phleetbo has a team of experienced phlebotomists along with flexible schedule options, making it possible for your patients to get their blood drawn professionally without leaving their comfort zones. With experience and care, our phlebotomists collect your patient’s samples and deliver blood specimens to your desired laboratory.

We understand the obstacles and failures of mobile phlebotomy services and have worked hard to reinvent and improve the process.

Founded and operated by phlebotomists, Phleetbo is an extension of your vision center or ophthalmology practice and provides what’s important to you. This includes a user-friendly, web-based platform and mobile device applications with HIPAA compliant, secure servers and software. Learn more.

We’ve also simplified the ordering process with:

  • Seamless integration of enhanced mobile capabilities to your care agency.
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Requisition and document uploads
  • Transparent live communication
  • Complete appointment service oversight

If you are interested in providing ASEDs for your Ophthalmology Practice or Vision Center, please Contact Us Today: 888-585-1310.

Our Three-Step Process



Home or Office blood specimen collection


Serum Extraction

Laboratory serum extraction and sterile filtration


Next Day Delivery

Prescription Ready for Use

Your blood work. Your Location. On Your Time

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