Mobile Phlebotomy: The Ultimate Guide

Preparation for phlebotomy procedure Medical tests are vital procedures for healthcare and clinical research. One of the most common ones performed for diagnosis is phlebotomy, a procedure in which blood is drawn from a human body. A phlebotomist performs the blood draw, typically done in hospitals or clinics. However, typical settings aren’t always the most convenient because not everyone can go to a hospital or clinic. That’s where mobile phlebotomy comes in to provide assistance.  It’s when the phlebotomist visits the patient to have their blood drawn. Mobile phlebotomy services are helpful when individuals who need their blood sample to be taken can’t do it in a hospital or clinic. You can now acquire these services when necessary from credible providers like Phleetbo. We provide you with more information about mobile phlebotomy in this blog.   

How to avail of mobile phlebotomy services

You can have a phlebotomist come to where you are by booking them or having a healthcare provider arrange it for you. Hospitals and clinics can deploy a phlebotomist to the patient’s home or workplace to draw blood samples. The phlebotomist can come from the same facility or a third-party contact or partner. The other option is to find a mobile phlebotomy service provider and schedule an appointment with them yourself. You can schedule an appointment here on our website or call our contact number. Schedule your blood draw wherever and whenever it’s preferable.  

How mobile blood draws are performed

Mobile phlebotomy is performed by a phlebotomist scheduled to do a “house call.” By scheduling an appointment for a mobile blood draw, you allow a phlebotomist to collect blood specimens from you wherever you are. Trained mobile phlebotomists committed to safety are deployed to an individual’s residence or workplace to complete the procedure. The blood draw is performed in a hygienic environment using sterile equipment. Typically, the procedure can last for a few minutes. After that, the phlebotomist labels your blood samples and transports them to a designated laboratory for analysis with the utmost care.


Who can benefit from mobile phlebotomy

Several people benefit from mobile phlebotomy services. This includes people who are restricted at home. It’s a huge relief for people who can’t travel because of severe illness or injury or people too old and fragile to go to a hospital or clinic. Individuals with medical conditions that require regular blood tests also benefit from mobile phlebotomy. Examples include people with diabetes and cancer patients who may find frequent hospital visits exhausting. People with hectic schedules also belong to this group because it allows them to have their blood samples drawn from their workplaces.  

Mobile phlebotomy service inclusions

Mobile phlebotomy service providers also lend other services aside from drawing blood samples for diagnosis. For instance, Phleetbo also offers these services on mobile:  

  • EKG
  • Therapeutic phlebotomy
  • Serum tears
  • Sharps container pickup


We provide other mobile services beneficial for individuals who need them for their healthcare needs.


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