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At Home Blood Draws

Mobile Specimen Collection & Laboratory Delivery

Mobility issues or time constraints?

Privacy or convenience?

Phleetbo was created for you.

Whether it's from the comfort of your own home or during your hectic office schedule, our flexible appointment options and expert team allow you to stay where it matters most.

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Stay where it matters most and let the laboratory come to you.

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At Home Blood Draws

Mobile Specimen Collection & Laboratory Delivery


You Decide

When & Where

We understand that you may have a busy schedule, a job, a family, mobility limitations, transportation limitations, time limitations, needle phobia, or simply dislike the clinic environment all together. Our experienced and compassionate phlebotomists will collect your samples when and where it is convenient for you and promptly deliver your blood specimens to the specified laboratory.​​


Los Angeles,CA

Orange County,CA
San Bernardino,CA
San Diego,CA

Bay Area,CA


New York City, NY (metropolitan area) 

Miami, FL

Atlanta, GA

Las Vegas, NV


Draw your blood and process your Autologous Serum Eye Drops in about an hour, from the comfort of your own home!

The Phleetbo Difference

  • Phlebotomist Owned & Operated

  • Experienced and compassionate

  • Excellent Customer Centric Service

  • Certified & Insured Field Staff

  • HIPPA Compliant

  • Convenient Mobile/Online Ordering

  • Flexible Appointment Scheduling

  • Real Time Technician Tracking

  • In-Route Technician Messaging

  • Reliable Specimen Delivery

Mobile Lab Services

  • Physician Ordered Venipunctures

  • Routine & Stat Blood Draws

  • Fasting Patient & Time Sensitive Labs

  • Single & Standing Orders

  • Time Sensitive Therapeutic Draws

  • Geriatric & Difficult Draws

  • Home Bound Constraints

  • Comforting Pediatric Draws

  • On-Site Serum Tears Processing

  • Blood Analysis Kit Draws & Delivery

Phleetbo was designed with everyone in mind.

Here's how it works

Easy Scheduling

Call and schedule the date and time that is most convenient for you, or your loved one, and an experienced certified phlebotomist will come to your home or office.

Expert Quality Service

We understand the importance of quality and caring customer service. You will receive notification when your phlebotomist is in route to your requested appointment time and location. With live technician map tracking and communication we guarantee on time professional service with no surprises.

Laboratory Delivery

After your specialized phlebotomist has retrieved your laboratory specimen we then carefully and promptly deliver your blood samples to the specified laboratory or hospital requested by your physician for processing.


Where will you deliver my specimens?

We seamless work with your physicians preferred laboratory or hospital according to your issued requisition. Quest Diagnostics, WestPac Labs, LabCorp, CMB Laboratory, St Joseph, Cedar Sinai, and many more for your convenience.


Your blood work. Your Location. On Your Time

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What People Say

I will never go to the lab again. Phleetbo made my blood draw so simple and efficient. An actual pleasurable experience” 


—  Jen Simmons, Home School Teacher

Need Flexible & Reliable Ancillary Concierge Service For Your Care Agency?

Home Health • Hospice • Board and Care 

Reference Laboratories • Clinical Trials

Specialty Blood Analysis Kits

Senior Living • Independent & Assisted Living

Psychiatric & Substance Abuse Facilities

Phleetbo is the solution to your care agency's on-demand mobile phlebotomy and courier needs. We have resolved the frustrating disconnect between agencies, labs, patients, and field staff. No more setbacks and communication breakdowns you may have experienced with other mobile phlebotomy services.


Certified Phlebotomists


HIPAA Compliant



CA Department of Health Certified


Laboratory Field Service Proficient